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At Logan Regional Medical Center, your breast health is important to us. Our caring staff uses the latest technology – like 3D mammography – in a comfortable and welcoming environment to help you stay on top of your health and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing and being prepared. What is mammography? A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray of the breast. It is effective in detecting breast disease in its earliest stages. A mammogram can detect a tumor much earlier than it can be felt, resulting in a greater chance for successful treatment. What is 3D mammography? 3D mammography is a type of digital mammography which uses advanced technology to take images of your breast from different angles and combine them to create a more complete and accurate image of your breast than is possible with regular 2D digital mammography. 3D mammography follows the same basic procedure that you're probably accustomed to with regular 2D digital mammography. 3D lasts just a few seconds longer, slightly extending the time of minor discomfort you may feel and the low-risk radiation exposure involved with all forms of digital mammography. Why should I get a 3D mammogram? The more complete and accurate image of your breast generated by 3D mammography allows us to detect breast cancer earlier and more effectively than traditional 2D mammography, so that we can take action to help you fight. 3D mammography is particularly effective if you have dense breast tissue or have been given a previous cancer or lesion diagnosis. And 3D mammography's higher accuracy means less unnecessary return visits to the doctor for false positives that turn out to be non-cancerous.  What does all of that mean for you? Greater peace of mind. How can I get a 3D mammogram? A provider order may be required for mammography. 一如既往地, you should consult with your personal primary care physician to determine the type and frequency of screenings that's best for you. What is stereotactic breast biopsy? Increased use of screening mammography and improvement in mammography techniques have resulted in early detection of very small lesions in breast tissue. If a breast abnormality is identified by mammography, breast ultrasound, or clinical examination, a biopsy will determine if the abnormality is cancerous.LRMC offers a less invasive breast biopsy system. Stereotactic breast biopsy uses the guiding capabilities of a computer as well as a specialized biopsy needle to obtain tissue samples. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, requiring only local anesthesia. No stitches are required, and the results are usually available in 1-2 days. This procedure offers a simple, 快速, 更少的痛苦, and less expensive alternative to surgical biopsy.  Schedule your mammogram today by calling Central Scheduling at 304.831.1928 20 Hospital Drive西弗吉尼亚州洛根 A ScionHealth Community Hospital Privacy Policy | 使用条款 | Accessibility Policy Notice of Nondiscrimination | California Consumer Privacy Policy California Privacy Rights Policy 关于我们 找个医生 服务 病人 & 游客 立即获得护理 类 & 事件

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