跳到内容 Free Initial Consultation支付我的发票职业生涯龙8国际app CALL (269) 382-4818 龙8国际app实践领域 第一列 商业法 Business Corporate Formation 建设法律 著作权法 就业法 Intellectual Property Life Science and Medical Device 诉讼 in Kalamazoo 不动产法 商标法 第二列 地产 & 信托基金 房地产 and 信任的诉讼 in Grand Rapids 遗产规划 and 遗嘱认证 第三列 人身伤害 动物的攻击   > Dog Bites 汽车/交通事故 儿童伤害法 Medical Malpractice 前提责任 Slip and Fall Accident 交通事故 and Injury in Grand Rapids 非正常死亡负责 奖状文章 所有的文章 文章类别 Business/Corporate Law 孩子的法律 建设法律 合同法 房地产 and 信任的诉讼 Header   遗产规划 Intellectual Property 诉讼 人身伤害 不动产法 Header2 最近的帖子 Understanding Michigan 前提责任 人身伤害 Cases 2023年9月20日/ 0评论 Navigating Michigan Slip and Fall Claims: What You Need to Know 2023年9月19日/ 0评论 What to do If Bitten by a Dog 2022年10月6日/ 0评论 Toggle website search Search this website Menu 关闭 龙8国际app 实践领域 商业法 儿童伤害法 建设法律 著作权法 – Kalamazoo 就业法 房地产 and 信任的诉讼 in Grand Rapids Intellectual Property – Kalamazoo Life Science and Medical Device 诉讼 in Kalamazoo Medical Malpractice 人身伤害 不动产法 商标法 Services in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, MI 交通事故 and Injury in Grand Rapids 非正常死亡负责 Free Initial Consultation in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, MI 支付我的发票 客户端的团队 客户感言 文章 卡拉马祖卡拉马祖你的业务.你的财产.你的权利. 你的律师事务所.大急流城大急流城你的业务.你的财产.你的权利. 你的律师事务所. Lawyers in Kalamazoo, MI 龙8国际app has a strong and tested reputation for helping clients achieve their goals. Whether assisting corporations, small-business owners, or individual clients, the firm is well-equipped to assist clients in matters of litigation, business and corporate formation, business and corporate transactions, estate planning and probate-wills, 信托基金, 和地产, 房地产诉讼, estate administration, 房地产, 就业法, 商标法, 著作权法, 人身伤害, 复杂的诉讼, and niche practice areas such as legal issues pertaining to life science-medical devices and medical malpractice. Schedule a FREE Consultation We Focus On Our Strengths With tested experience and a strong understanding of issues business owners and individuals face, we’re happy to represent you and assist you with creative and practical legal solutions. 商业法 Considering and analyzing every feature of your commercial transaction. 业务形成 Assisting clients in selecting the perfect business or corporate entity to venture into. 房地产 & 信任的诉讼 Assisting clients with probate estates, guardianship, wills, and other similar disputes. 遗产规划 & 遗嘱认证 We offer strategies to protect your assets and help you reach your goals. 交通事故 Qualified legal professionals knowledgeable in Michigan’s complex auto vehicle accident laws. 诉讼 Aligning lawsuits with your goals to focus on an effective winning strategy. 人身伤害 Holding responsible parties liable, so you have the compensation to live your life. 不动产法 Assisting with the purchase, sale, or development of 房地产 transactions. See All 实践领域 Whether you’re looking for a malpractice attorney, 房地产律师, or any other legal representation, let us show you how we can fight for you. We Are Michigan’s 商业法 Firm Through tested experience, 龙8国际app, PLC) is a firm providing clients with the clarity and confidence they expect from a practice that lives and works in the evolving business world. 管理的律师 罗斯W. Keilen brings insight and real-world business experience to the firm as a past and present business owner. With a strong understanding of the issues facing modern business owners, 龙8国际app, PLC) can better represent your interests. Our team of attorneys can help you meet your goals with effective strategies and professional legal acumen. If you or your business requires representation, 请找凯琳·洛, PLC) as your resource for practical and creative legal solutions The 龙8国际app Team 在凯琳律所, PLC), let us help you handle all the difficult situations that arise in your business or personal life. Contact us at our Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids office to discuss how our legal team can assist you today. 龙8国际app What Our Clients Are Saying Working with Adam and his firm was always good. Adam was always there if I had questions, he always answered emails in a timely manner, I would recommend his firm to anyone needing legal advice. Thanks for your services.— Patti Jackson, OSC, LLC Schedule a FREE Consultation 支付发票 客户端的团队 龙8国际app, PLC) is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with remote offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Serving throughout the State of Michigan, 龙8国际app, PLC) believes in promoting justice through client-focused legal services. 在新选项卡中打开在新选项卡中打开 This website is for educational purposes only. The information is provided for educational and or informational purposes only. 这个网站, and the information herein, 不是有意的, nor should it be used, as a substitute for legal advice. 域, copyrightable material, and or other intellectual property associated with this site is owned and exclusively held by 龙8国际app; any unauthorized use of the site is strictly prohibited. 卡拉马祖的办公室 Kalamazoo Business Attorney’s Office 141 E. Michigan Avenue, Ste 602 Kalamazoo, MI 49007 (269) 382-4818 M-F 8 am-5pm Grand Rapids Office Grand Rapids 商业法yer’s Office 607级联W. Pkwy SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546 (616) 498-4952 M-F 8 am-5pm 龙8国际app 隐私政策 实践领域 in Grand Rapids 实践领域 in Kalamazoo Copyright ©2023 龙8国际app. All Rights Reserved       Produced by 温洛克媒体

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